Our Products

Extensive ground work and market research is made before we decided to launch four types of cattle feed in two packaging of 25 Kg. and 50 Kg. each. This will largely cater to the needs of all segments of dairy farmers.

Janshri Sampurna Santulit

• It will replace the ‘Chuni, Choker & Khali’ culture.

• Perfect balance between Quality and Price.

• Improves general health of animal to perform better.

• Best suited for indigenous and crossbreed animals.

• Free from any preservatives, added colour or flavour.

Janshri Super Gain

• Traditional feeding does not provide a balance nutrition to the animals since it lacks in several vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

• Janshri Super Gain provides necessary vitamins,minerals & micronutrients for efficient milk production, body maintenance and reproduction of progeny.

• Consistent use of Janshri Super Gain will improve the Fat and SNF (Solid-not-Fat) content of milk. It will also Improve the milk yield.

• Free for any preservative, added Colour or flavour.

Janshri Bypass Bumper

• Feeding of Janshri Bypass Bumper helps especially to Improve the fat content of milk.

• Constituents of Janshri Bypass Bumper improves the digestion and reduces acidosis in the animals, with the result, more milk production and improved fat content.

• Free from any preservative, added colour or flavour.

Janshri Dairy Magic

• Janshri Dairy Magic is manufactured and formulated especially for high yielding cattle or buffalo, keeping in mind their special nutritional requirements.

• Feeding Janshri Dairy Magic helps the high yielding animals to maintain their basic composition of Fat & SNF in the milk.

• Feeding Janshri Dairy Magic to animals gradually enhances milk production, without causing stress to the animals.

• Animals fed on Janshri Dairy Magic produce milk with more Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Protein, Vitamins A, D & B12 Riboflavin & Niacin which helps children and aged people to a better nutrition.

• Free from any preservative, added colour or flavour.