Why Janshri Pashuaahar?

  • Most of the manufactures in the market boast to be the best in quality, service, delivery etc. We humbly request our patrons to examine our process in its totality. We have confident that our associates will definitely feel a touch of professionalism in each walk of our operations.

  • Unlike other Business houses, maximization of profit is not the motive at Jan Vikas. Being a Co-operative organization, it is for the benefit of all its stake holders and not an owner alone. Trust and accountability is the driving force here.

  • Entire operation of procurement, manufacturing, logistics, quality assurance, marketing, sales, accounts & audit and general administration is supervised by highly qualified and experienced professionals from the industry. This gives as a cutting edge to make our products most competitive and cost effective.

  • Jan Vikas is determined to present its products and services to its customers with a freshly conceived strategy to the entire satisfaction of them.

  • We assure you that Jan Vikas is a customer centric society and you will feel the difference!